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New Brand and Best Cleaners know that wedding gowns are cherished and, in many cases, passed-down family heirlooms. We carefully inspect each gown and choose the safest and most effective cleaning method for its care. After the cleaning process is complete, we will store the gown in an acid-free box with acid-free tissue for its long-term preservation.


New Brand and Best Cleaners has an alterations department that can mend, repair, or make adjustments to existing garments. Our staff can make the alterations you need both quickly and affordably. We are also pleased to perform fittings for any occasion—just give us a call to make an appointment! 


Shirts & Pants Laundering

At New Brand and Best Cleaners, we know your time is valuable. We specialize in laundering shirts, blouses, and pants. You may choose light, medium, or heavy starch, as well as pick them up hung or have them boxed for travel convenience. We have experience removing tough stains from shirts and keeping your buttons safe and protected during the entire process. New Brand takes special precautions for decorative buttons during the cleaning process. We guarantee to replace any button that is lost or damaged while your shirt is in our care.