Expert Stain Removal

At New Brand Cleaners, we know that every stain is different. Our experts assess what may have caused the stain on your particular garment while paying extra attention to its material to choose the safest and most effective way to treat the stain.

Specialty Cleaning

Textile Restoration

New Brand has the ability to take your old textiles and bring new life to the way they look and smell. Our expert staff has a vast knowledge of each material and fabric and can decide the safest and most effective way of cleaning it. Many of these items hold a priceless sentimental value for customers, and our staff is extra careful when handling and restoring these items. Restoring old items allows them to be passed down to future generations while saving money on potential replacement costs.

Summer & Winter Storage

Let New Brand store your off season clothes for you. This frees up space and gives you the peace of mind that your clothes are safely stored away.

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